Appliance fix

Lucas Brothers Hardware has sold Whirlpool appliances for over 30 years. Whirlpool is the driving force and the most solid anchor in our store. The dependability and the excellent reputation of Whirlpool appliances makes our job easy when selling, whether it’s a top of the line refrigerator or our most affordable dishwasher. When people come into our store to buy an appliance, whether a first time customer or a lifelong patriot, the Whirlpool emblem does half our job.

If you are located in Los Angeles or around area and need Bakers Pride Oven Repair, please call us.

Suggested Maintenance For Your Oven

Cleaning your oven regularly and wiping up spills as they happen help your oven operate as efficiently as possible.
A solution of baking soda and vinegar cuts baked on grease and eliminates odor.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial oven repair technicians.

The world needs more real, everyday heroes. People willing to step up, treat others with respect, deliver as promised, and do things right. We launched Omega Force Appliance Repair because we want to be a Force for Good. So when your stuff hits the fan, call us to get your appliance repaired. We’ll work super hard to make your world a better place, one appliance at a time.

We care about our customers and their families as much as we care about making quality appliances. If you need something, just let us know – from setting up Whirlpool service and repair appointments, to proper cleaning or maintenance techniques, to finding you the Whirlpool appliance manual you need, our customer care team can help. Start by registering your Whirlpool products today, then browse our owner’s center to get the help and accessories you neFrom simple repairs to sophisticated diagnostics, we are here to help keep you and your family fresh and clean. Our technicians are professionally trained on nearly every make and model of washing machines to ensure your repairs are done right. We come ready to make fix your machine the same day with a reputation of quality and reliability.ed to care for the appliances that care for your family.